Is Easy Better?

2-9 flowers-bikesA conference speaker from a financial institute was presenting on the wonders of using a cell phone to pay bills and purchase items. I was equally impressed and frightened! She explained that it is now so easy to check your balance that more and more people will do that before they make a purchase. Apparently,  it has led to fewer people overdrawing their accounts. What she didn’t say, often when people see they still have $300 in the account it feels like that is available money to spend. There is no reminder that other expenses are coming up that will need to be paid. Often that money will simply disappear because it was so easy to buy something with one click on the phone.

Did you know that now as you are approaching your favorite store, an app on your cell phone can alert you that there is a sale today or offer you a discount coupon to shop today? Based on your buying habits you are also prompted with ads to local stores.  In fact, there are new sunglasses coming out with a little device on it that will let you make your purchase and pay for it on the spot without even going into the store! Talk about convenience and direct marketing!

As new technology is available and the number of marketing contacts increase in such a targeted way that zooms in our own buying habits, we will all be challenged to resist more often.

Money Saving Tip

saving money Extend the life of your cell phone battery. The most obvious tip is to turn off your phone when you’re not using it. Turn down the volume. Turn vibration off unless you need it. If you are asked to allow an app to use your location, unless it is relevant to you or you are using the phone for navigation, don’t allow it. The screen uses more battery power than other functions. Decreasing the brightness saves the battery. Also, decreasing the amount of time before the screen goes to black helps (just don’t make it so short it becomes annoying to have the screen going black too quickly.)

What made you smile today?

What made you proud of your money choices today?