Feeling Deeply

I9-8beach man with shells am convinced that my ability to feel deeply is what makes me extraordinary, and that is my ticket to wonderland.

Deborah Feldman,Unorthodox

When do you allow yourself to feel deeply? Laugh until you cry? Cry until there are no more tears? Feel so much joy that it seems like you will burst? Get so passionate it seems your heart will jump out of your body? Feel grief or pain so deeply it seems there will be no coming back? Be so full of love or pride that you can’t hug someone tight enough?

Being able to emotionally react to situations, people and the unexpected—whether wonderful or difficult—is what gives life depth and makes you real. Some people are so concerned that if they show emotions they will lose control, they moderate or suppress all of their feelings. Others have learned that showing emotions is not acceptable or has negative consequences. Once people establish the habit of suppressing emotions, they may not even be able to recognize or identify their feelings. In fact, many can’t remember the last time they experienced strong emotions.

Notice how often you express or suppress you emotions. You might need to learn how to express them in a way that doesn’t hurt, intimidate, overwhelm or scare others, but it’s worth it. Ignoring or denying those emotions won’t make them go away and allowing them to be acknowledged and feeling them may enrich your life.

Money Saving Tip

saving money Be careful of rent-to-own deals for furniture, appliances or electronics. There are many good reasons to do that, but it can cost you two to three times the price of the item. Instead of $2000 for the room of furniture, it could end up being $6000! Many places that say they will report your good payment record to the major credit bureaus to help you build credit, but they don’t do it. Check with the better business bureau to see if there are complaints against a company before you sign a contract.

What made you smile today?

What made you proud of your money choices today?