Beginning Again

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You are my inspiration!
Syble Solomon

Happy New Year!  Thank you for all the words of inspiration you’ve given me since I started Inspired Savings four years ago.  I’ve loved getting your emails. Often I hear that day’s message was exactly what you needed or that you took on a challenge or took better care of yourself.  I’ve heard lots of stories of how readers have saved money, spent differently or became more intentional about how they used their money. Your comments make my day!

A number of you are posting Inspired Savings where you work, are using them as conversation starters when working with groups or teaching classes or have included them in your organization’s online or published newsletters.  Thank you for sharing them and letting me know. Feel free to use them!

My very best wishes for 2015 to be a year where you feel in control of your life and your finances.  Life happens and we can’t control that–but with a good attitude and an emergency fund, it’s so much easier to face the challenges that inevitably will come our way.  Let’s continue to inspire each other to make 2015 the best year yet!   ~Syble