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The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.

Carl Rogers

If you want to make some changes, start with a metaphor: My [challenge/problem] is like____. Then write a few sentences or a short story about it. Here are examples:

  • Marian: My weight is like a sack of potatoes ready to sprout more potatoes. There’s not enough room so the garden will need to get bigger.
  • Leslie: My muscles and lack of strength are like lasagna noodles. As soon as the noodles hit the boiling water they are pushed around and gave in without any resistance. Now they’re limply waiting for heavy stuff to be layered on top and require a pan for support.
  • Jessica: My credit card debt is like a vault that has me locked inside of it. I feel panicked that there’s not enough air and unless someone comes to let me out it will kill me. It also feels safe in here. No one can reach me and no one can expect anything from me.

Play with your story to see the bigger picture. Marian realized she feared gaining weight more than wanting to lose weight. She changed her focus to maintain, not lose, weight. Leslie identified with the noodles being pushed around by the water. She often went along when friends pressured her to do things even when she didn’t want to. Her story also helped her see she was afraid of not being strong enough to maintain her independence as she aged which was a real motivation to exercise. Jessica’s aha! moment was realizing she had given up all control of her life. Being in debt was scary, but she was depending on someone else to save her instead of taking responsibility. Even more revealing, she realized she was using debt as a way of protecting herself from her family’s inevitable demands for help.
Write your own metaphor and tell your story. What can you learn from it?

Money Saving Tip

saving moneyFreeze leftovers from parties and meals before you get tired of  eating them.



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