Count Your Money

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When we know exactly how much we spend on “incidentals” every week,
 or how much money is in our wallet at any given moment, 
or what our monthly take-home pay is, to the penny, 
we demonstrate in a concrete way that we have mastered the conscious use of energy.
Maria Nemeth

If you always know exactly how much you have right to the penny and have everything absolutely in order you may need to lighten up a bit, but if you want to take control of your life and your money, treat your money with respect. Flatten those bills, put them in order and keep them in a designated place in your wallet, purse or pocket. Every day count your money so you do know exactly how much you have before you leave the house. When you take the responsibility to be aware of your money and treat it with respect it can make a big difference in the way you make decisions and take control. In fact, when you take control of your money and treat it with respect, you will find your will feel more in control of your life and will treat yourself with more respect.

Likewise, even though many of us rebel about keeping track of every penny, doing so for a few weeks can be an eye-opener. You may be surprised by how much those quick stops for one or two items at the supermarket really cost. There can be some surprises. Instead of getting overwhelmed and trying to keep track of everything, either (1) choose to focus on the money you carry with you and keep track of what your spend for a few weeks or (2) really thoroughly read your bank statement, credit card or salary information this month. You can take control by focusing on just one aspect of your money. What will you focus on?

Money Saving Tip

saving moneyIf your bank is charging a monthly fee for using a debit card call to see if they will waive that fee. Many will if you use direct deposit or keep a minimum balance in your account.


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