Is Marrying Well the Answer?

Bob & me72
My sisters were taught that “marrying well” would be a success while I was told that “the world’s opportunities were there for me to seize.”
Warren Buffet

When I wanted to go to college, my dad said, “Why would you want to do that?  You’ll just get married and your husband will support you. It will be a waste of money.”  Well, I did go to college and I did get married. However, my education was definitely not a waste of money!

Besides having work options, I could choose to stay married (just celebrated our 40th anniversary!) because I wanted to be married, not because I felt stuck or scared with no way to support myself. When women are financially dependent, it potentially puts them in a very vulnerable position.

Fortunately, times have changed and women are getting higher education, more leadership positions and careers with great opportunities and significant salaries.  While it’s not true across the board, it’s a huge start.

Ask yourself, are you part of the change to help women have dignity and respect?  Do you speak up for yourself, apply for challenging positions and negotiate your salary and benefits?  If you are in a position to pay for daycare, hire people to provide services and employ others, do you pay them well or as little as possible? Do you look for opportunities to advocate for others?  We’re all in this life together. Let’s seize the world’s opportunities and create a better future for ourselves and others!

Money Saving Tip

saving moneyIf you are planning to get a mortgage or any other type of loan, get your credit score as high as possible!  How?  Don’t open any new credit cards or take out other new loans.  Only use 10-30% of your credit limit on any card (you lose points if you use more than that–even if you pay your bill in full in each month!)  Always pay your bills on time! Check your credit reports to be sure there are no mistakes (It’s free at the official site:  Those few actions can help you have a better credit score and that can have big payoffs!  You may be able to get lower interest rates and pay fewer fees. Result?  You can save hundreds to thousands of dollars on a loan!

What made you smile today?

What made you proud of your money choices today?