Today vs. Tomorrow

Hannah's flowersToday’s actions and attitudes determine tomorrow’s options and opportunities.

Focusing on today is important.  Every day should count–and each of us has the ability to make that happen. At the end of each day I ask you to think about what made you smile. It could be something as innocuous as a funny sign or a quick hug,  It could be an accomplishment as uncomplicated as doing a load of laundry or as challenging as standing up for something you believe in.  Sometimes it’s something you do yourself, like go for a walk or really enjoy that hot fudge sundae.  And sometimes it’s something you do with or for others or something someone did that you thought was wonderful.  Look for those opportunities to acknowledge the positive moments in each day. Those moments are the building blocks of your future. Your smiles and happiness help strengthen you immune system for a healthier future.  They give you energy to face your challenges. They make the memories that create your lifetime.

Also at the end of each day I ask you think about what made you proud of your money choices.  Hopefully you’ve gotten the message that you are the one in charge.  You get to make choices about how you act, react and make decisions. You chose how you present yourself, negotiate and say yes or no–and all of those choices effect affect your bottom line.  You won’t be perfect.  Strive to make choices on most days that will help you move toward the future you want. Even those small choices add up and can provide a better future with more choices.  Get help if you need it and remember that if you don’t want to have to start all over, don’t give up!  Smile and be proud of yourself!

 Money Saving Tip

saving moneyThis is the time of year when people have generously given to others and charities.  As you think about next year, consider choosing one or two charities to focus on/ Giving a larger donation to a limited number of charities will have more impact than giving very small amounts to many.  Instead of giving only at the end of the year, automatically give a certain amount spread throughout the year.


What made you smile today?

What made you proud of your money choices today?