The power of “no”

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trees lakeWrite, “say no” on your to-do list for a week and see what happens.
Katrina Alcom, Daily Worth

One little word can be so powerful. Often we get into the habit of doing things because it’s expected or it’s what we’ve always done.  If you’re feeling stressed, resentful, angry or overwhelmed, it may be time to stop and think if it’s time to say “no” to something or someone.

This week I’ve heard people say “no” to holiday party invitations, family traditions and buying gifts just to buy gifts.  Those changes were made intentionally with a lot of thought. It meant saying “yes” to having more time and energy and starting new traditions.  I’ve heard people saying “no” to their inner voice that was shouting “clean the house, do the laundry or go over that report one more time” so they could have some time to relax or do something that brought them joy.

If you were to say “no” to one thing or one person that drains your energy or your resources (including money!), what would that feel like?  What would happen as a result?  How could you handle any negative consequences?  Would the benefits pay off for you?  As they year ends, it’s a good time to look for ways to say “no” to things or people that drain your time, energy or finances.

Money Saving Tip

saving moneyThere is no magic number of how much you should save for the future.  The most important thing is start get in the habit of saving something with every paycheck and start now.  Here’s an interesting suggestion, take your age and add two zeros on it for an annual savings goal.  If you’re 25, go for $2500.  If you’re 48, go for $4800.  Too much?  Save your age each week.  At 32, save $32/week.  At 50, save $50/week.  (From AARP magazine, 12/12).

What made you smile today?

What made you proud of your money choices today?